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Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval

The First Step to Finding YOU - "illumination"

  •  A 2-hour session resulting in a deep clearing of mental, emotional, physical pain and energy imbalances.
  • The Shaman will work in the  illuminous energy field around the body also known as the Aura .This holds all our personal information and ancestral imprints.
  •  Often our wounds result in repeating patterns of physical and mental distress which can result in dis-ease in the body ranging from long standing back ache, knee pain, frozen shoulder, illness like cancer, depression, excessive  disorders like OCD, drinking, re-creational drugs, shopping, smoking anything that takes away the need to face the problem and heal it, as this can be painful and we just don’t want to go there, preferring to put the problem in a box and lock it away.
  •  Our conscious mind may be unaware of a trauma we have gone through, it may have blocked it, or it may be coming through from a past life time. This memory will be carried in our cells, unconscious mind and at the energetic level and can continue to impact our lives in the decisions we make and how we live.
  •  The first shamanic session will only clear some of this energy. This healing will continue for 28 days after the session. Some homework will be given and your Shaman will be on hand to help with any issues or further healing that arises.

Soul Retrieval

  • When a traumatic event happens in our lives, which can range from a car accident, loss, divorce etc, we often shut ourselves down in order to deal with the pain, we may even make a contract with life that will keep us safe.  These powerful, strong contracts are stored in our energy field. When this  happens a small part of our soul/energy splinters off making us feel incomplete, not quiet here, we may feel we are missing something.
  • The Shaman will go on a journey to find that quantum piece of missing energy, called a soul retrieval. Re-write the contract with your help and bring back for you, your missing "energy," gift and find what your spirit animal is. These gifts help you heal at a deeper level because they are not at the level of your mind but at the energetic level.
  • This Is a powerful and profound session where you will feel instant changes.
  • Soul Retrieval only happens after two or three "illumination" sessions and only once you have made  changes in your life that were needed. These don't necessarily need to be huge changes. 

 What’s included in a session:

  •  Session are between one and two hours long.
  • All energy clearing work.
  • Homework  - how to work with your new soul part, power animal & gift.
  • Follow up e-mail support, guidance and extra distant healing.
  • Invitation to Fire Ceremony


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