My Treatments

Medicine Stone Massage

  • A beautiful introduction to the power of Shamanic healing.
  • This is a guided, intuitive, full body massage using two of my Medicine Stones.
  • It is a very deep energy cleanse for your mind and body. working on the chakras and energy systems.
  • After the session you will feel beyond chilled!

Shamanic Journey

  • During the Shamanic healing session we work together, taking a look at your life, illness, pain, patterns, struggles and what is no longer working for you. We delve deeply into your family story, past lives and your ancestral ties.
  • Using my intuition and guidance from my "spiritual team" I am able to find what needs to be re-balanced and re-stored in your mind, body and spirit, removing energies that do not belong to you. 
  • You will leave feeling refreshed, with more clarity and with a sense of stillness and peace.

Energetic House Clearing

  • Is there a room in your home you don't feel comfortable in?
  • Things move from where you last left them?
  • Do you feel someone is watching you?
  • You hear things go "bump" in the night?
  • Are you feeling unwell since you moved into your new home?
  • Things not going as planned in you home?
  • Has you house been on the market for a while and not selling?
  • You probably have an unwanted "GUEST"

Active Fire Meditation

  • Fire Ceremonies help us to step out of our ordinary everyday life and into the sacred. 
  • It is an active meditation everyone around the fire actively takes part in the ceremony from building the fire together to the ritual around the fire, to holding space for each other. 
  • Honouring our lessons and letting go of what no longer is working for us. allowing us to take the learning from each lesson and not keep re-living the pain.

Transformational Package

  • If your tired of waiting to feel better and want to make great leaps forward, we can work together over a few months to help you find 

Distant Healing

  • Energetic House Clearing
  • Reiki healing
  • Shamanic Healing
  • All Spiritual work undertaken.