It's an amazing life, don't waste it, come find yourself, follow your dreams and live a Magical one.

My Story

  • I'm italian, was born in a small town called Rogilano in Calabria, my parents emigrated here when I was 3 years old and Maidenhead is where I grew up and have lived all my life so far! I never really fitted in anywhere when I was growing up, didn’t have many friends and found it difficult to connect with people. I was extremely shy. From an early age I was very empathic and would pick up energies from people and places around me, I would see and hear spirit but as I didn’t know what was happening I was fearful and didn’t like being left alone at home.

  • To cut a long story short It wasn’t until the birth of my baby boy that my life started to change. The epidural went terribly wrong, I really thought I was going to die. Coming home from hospital I discover that I now needed to have a back operation as I had a slipped disc. My physical and mental health went from bad to worse, I was in constant pain, I was so sad although I had a beautiful baby boy and a 4 year old daughter.

  • 6 months down the line I had the back operation, moved in with my parents so I could get the help I needed, and start my journey to recovery. 

I had a lot of time to think about my life I kept asking....

  • What is missing in my life?
  • Why don’t I feel complete?
  • Why don’t I feel Loved?
  • Why don’t I fit in?

  • I remember asking for help but didn’t really know what help I needed. I just wanted to feel well and happy. Help came in the form of a French lady who was full of energy and smiles. I had my first Reiki session with her, didn't know what Reiki was I just knew I had to try it. 

  • My life changed from that one session. Yes its true. I had quite a few sessions and eventually this “crazy” beautiful lady pieced me back together. I decided to learn Reiki as it had helped me so much, what I hadn't realised then  was the power of energy and thought! within the year I found the courage and strength to leave my unhappy marriage behind and move on to a new life on my own as a single parent, with the help of my parents who were struggling with the whole idea of “divorce”! I stated to make a new life for myself. I trained in Massage, Reflexology and became a Reiki Master. I started to use Reiki with all the treatments I did and soon started working with a great team in spirit. Learning to use and trust my intuition more, my work became magical.

 I made the change, my world changed dramatically and the people around me changed.

  • I'm not going to say it was easy. It wasn’t but once I had set my intention to creating a happier life it was like a snowball effect, the universe sorted the rest out. Lots of tough lessons and learnings along the way, but I was happy and I was free becoming the person I was always meant to be.

  • When I finally felt in a good place I decided to try manifesting LOVE and that arrived too in the form of a wonderful man, teacher, my best friend. We have been together now 11 years. 

  • I continued to have great results with my clients, but I soon noticed that there was more I needed to learn. I could take my clients to a certain point in their healing but no further. There was a piece of the jigsaw puzzle missing. So, I asked for help and went on a quest to find it. The quest took two years, until I finally found Shamanic healing. The most powerful and complete healing system. I had found the  healing tools that were missing. The training was tough, long and the hardest thing I have done so far. I did three years of deep self-healing. My teacher would always say.

“you can’t take a client somewhere you haven’t been to yourself”

  • I  was invited to join the Medicine Wheel Team for the last year of my studies and this is when I found my love and passion for teaching, where  I finally found my voice and my confidence.

  • Today I hold workshops, Active Meditations and have client’s here and abroad. I feel happy, content and loved. I still have lessons the difference is now I am more aware and have tools to help me navigate through life.

  • Anyone can change, all you need to do is set your intention and allow the Universe to send you what you need. I hope my story inspires you to take that first step to change.