Medicine Stone Massage

Deep Relaxation

  • This is an ancient Shamanic healing, full body massage and a great introduction to the power of Shamanic healing.

  •  It is very gently and works very deeply drawing out stagnant energy from the Chakras and the illuminus energy field around the body.

  • It is performed using two Medicine Stones which are massaged over the whole body. These will pick up and remove the stagnant energy and blockages as they go. Its is performed over clothing.

  • The Shaman will also use other healing tools and do any healing that may come up during this session.

What to Expect

  • Especially good if you can't relax or have an over-active mind - this is total mind, body and spirit relaxation guaranteed!

  • You will have a total energy exchange, old energy lifted and replaced with new empowering, clean energy from source.

  • A feeling of deep peace, a quiet mind all the "chatter" will have stopped, allowing for space and clarity to come in.


Teresa, thank you so much for my heavenly Medicine Stone Massage. I totally floated away to a deeper existence. The time felt like there was no time and I was totally relaxed and light when I left you. Some great dreams and enlightenment the following evenings in my sleep, as your work carried on for a few more days. 

I’ll be back for more.

With love