Energetic House Clearing

Lets me explain little about energy 

  • You can't ignore the fact that everything is made of energy. 
  • Energy flows freely around our bodies until there is a blockage in our system - this is usually initiated by our thoughts and emotions. If kept unchecked these emotions create energy blockages in our system causing us pain, illness and general dis-ease in the body and mind.
  • These thoughts and emotions can also become "stuck" in the energy around us, our home, places of work etc.
  • These thought forms can belong to other people who have visited you, to arguments and to people who once lived in your home.
  • Energies of deceased beings can also still be present.
  • There are many forms of energy that can cause a disruption in our energy field and our homes.


"Just wanted t o let you know what an amazing experience it has been you working on my home and on me, it has been incredible. We had felt completely "stuck" in the house, whatever changes we want to make just didn't seem to happen. We felt that we couldn't progress and neither could we sell the house when we put it on the market. I thought it might be just bad feng shui with the house located in a no through road, but it was stronger than that, I've always had quite an open mind but not with any expectation if that makes sence. You have an amazing gift, it has been a truly profound experience. I can't thank you enough." N.Holder