Active Meditation

Shamanic Fire Ceremony

  • Fire ceremonies allows for rapid transformation.
  • Everyone attending the ceremony actively builds the fire.
  •  We think of all the things in our lives that are no longer serving us, keeping us "stuck" in our patterns of behaviour, dramas and old stories as we gently place the combustible materials into the fire pit. 
  • Using our breath we blow into everything that we place in the fire. 
  • Being in Sacred Space means that Spirit also helps us let go of the unconscious patterns we are holding onto.
  •  An extremely powerful and healing ceremony.

The api

Spirit Arrow

The Spirit Arrow is another part of the Active Meditation healing tool.

 It helps us to focus our attention in a relaxation and mindfulness way let go of what we no longer want or need in our lives. We start creating an offering out of burnable materials, we chose a stick to represent this which is also placed into the fire.

 More information of how to create this is on my Re-Light my Fire Facebook group.


  • I felt so much lighter at the end of the ceremony.
  • I felt my mum hug me and tell me all was going to be ok.
  • I put my weight into the fire and I lost 3 stone!
  • I slept for a whole 9 hours, got up and felt a different person.