Teresa Filice

"The Italian Shaman"


About Me

  • A warm welcome to my website. My name is Teresa. I am a Shaman, Intuitive and Teacher, trained in the ancient medicine and healing tools of the Q'ero indians of Peru. 

  • My purpose and passion is to guide, empower and help you find your inner strength with a combination of energy work, Reiki and Shamanic healing tools, enabling you to take charge of your energy, your emotions and find the courage you need to make changes to your life so you can manifest happiness, spiritual awakening, love, good health and SPARKLE!

Do You Feel

  • YOU need guidance and support as you go through a life change?
  • YOUR personal circumstances are affecting your emotions and health?
  • YOU'RE "stuck" in a pattern of behaviours, dramas and old stories?
  • YOU suffer from anxiety, sleepless nights,depression?
  • YOU'RE in physical pain but all tests results come up negative?
  • YOU know something is missing in your life, but don't know what, who or how to find the part that will complete you?
  • YOU want to find your purpose?

I can help you find

  • PEACE and clarity by releasing you from your old patterns, pain and overwhelm.
  • YOUR purpose, what makes your heart sing.
  • YOUR Spiritual path which will bring balance and peace into your life.
  • YOUR confidence, so you feel "good enough" to try new things.
  • FORGIVENESS in your heart so that you can freely move on.
  • YOU - and be the person you dream of.

Change happens when you feel good about yourself

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